Revision of the wolf spider genus Venatrix Roewer (Araneae:Lycosidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:V. Framenau
Secondary Authors:C. Vink
Journal:Invertebrate Taxonomy
Start Page:927-970
Type of Article:Journal Article

The Australasian lycosid genus Venatrix Roewer, 1960, with Venator fuscus Hogg, 1900 as type, is reinstated and redefined to include 22 species as follows: Venatrix funesta (C. L. Koch, 1847), comb. nov. (= Venator fuscus Hogg, 1900; syn. nov.); V. penola, sp. nov.; V. australiensis, sp. nov.; V. roo, sp. nov.; V. mckayi, sp. nov.; V. koori, sp. nov.; V. archookoora, sp. nov.; V. pictiventris (L. Koch, 1877), comb. nov.; V. hickmani, sp. nov.; V. allopictiventris, sp. nov.; V. speciosa (L. Koch, 1877), comb. nov. (= Lycosa mayama McKay, 1976; syn. nov.); V. esposica, sp. nov.; V. pseudospeciosa, sp. nov.; V. brisbanae (L. Koch, 1878), comb. nov.; V. forsteri, sp. nov.; V. lapidosa (McKay, 1974), comb. nov.; V. fontis, sp. nov.; V. furcillata (L. Koch, 1867), comb. nov.; V. arenaris (Hogg, 1905), comb. nov.; V. pullastra (Simon, 1909), comb. nov.; V. goyderi (Hickman, 1944), comb. nov. (= Lycosa howensis McKay, 1979; syn. nov.); and V. hoggi, sp. nov. Hogna albosparsa (L. Koch, 1876) is considered nomen dubium. Venatrix comprises species mainly found in temperate forests and open areas near watercourses, lakes and springs. Notes on the distribution together with maps, zoogeography and subfamilial placement of Venatrix are given. A solution is proposed to resolve confusion over the dates of some of Roewer’s publications.

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